Jeff Bezos of Amazon is Now the World’s Richest Man after Going Ahead of Bill Gates

Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world according to Forbes. JEFF BEZOS – Amazon’s Chief-Executive-Officer (CEO) Jeff Bezos went ahead of Microsoft founder Bill Gates in the tracking of wealth conducted by the Forbes magazine. Based on a recent report in Forbes, the longtime front runner of the list of richest persons […]

Shocking Beauty Pageant Coronation: 60th Miss Amazonas Runner-Up Yanked The Crown From The Beauty Queen’s Head And Threw It On Stage

Losing to something you really wanted is painful, but when you know it doesn’t all you deserve, would you get mad over it? Or you would just shake things off and be happy for those who won and get it first? Miss Universe 2015 was a real success when everyone in the pageant agreed that […]

This Apeman Found In Brazil Claims To Be The ‘Missing Link’ Answering Our Entire Existence

Life has all been started from God’s creation, but some people believe that earthlings evolved through time- which was theorized by English naturalist Charles Darwin. He stressed out that all species have descended over time from common ancestors like us humans being born after the apes or monkeys. Darwin’s theory has not yet proven, however, […]

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