20 Beauty Tricks For Fashionable Women

Women are innately born fashionable humans. Though some women would prefer simplicity, they’re labeled and deserved to have that sense of fashion in everything, from tiny accessories down to enormous sizable add-ons.

However, there are few tips not all woman knows, and unknown to their awareness, these beauty hacks are very useful. Here are few of them:

1. Use a Tic Tac container to keep your bobby pins together.

lady tricks 1

2. Spray your bobby pins with hairspray.


lady tricks 2

3. Organize your scarves with a hanger and some shower curtain rings.


lady tricks 3


4. Use wire baskets on the inside of doors to store purses, shoes, whatever!

lady tricks 4

5. Paint the inside of your costume jewelry with clear nail polish so your fingers don’t turn green.


lady tricks 5


6. Turn bootcut jeans into skinny jeans so you can tuck them into your boots!

lady tricks 6

7. Your flat iron can also be used to iron your clothes in a pinch.


lady tricks 7


8. Cut up a pad to fix the exposed underwire in your favorite bra.

lady tricks 8

9. Dry your hair with a t-shirt to minimize frizz!


lady tricks 9


10. Use this guide to help you pick the perfect necklace for your top.

lady tricks 10

11. Get a cool statement ring that doubles as a weapon if you need to defend yourself.


lady tricks 11

12. Use Vaseline to get rid of scuffs on patent leather shoes!


lady tricks 12


13. White wine neutralizes red wine stains!

lady tricks 13

14. Differentiate your keys by painting them with nail polish.


lady tricks 14


15. Soak your feet in Listerine and vinegar to exfoliate.

lady tricks 15

16. Shave your legs, then exfoliate them, then shave the exfoliate off. Softest. Legs. Ever.


lady tricks 16

17. Put Downy Unstoppables in your wax warmer to make your home smell amazing.


lady tricks 17


18. Fold your sleeves like a J.Crew model.

lady tricks 18

19. Use a shoe organizer to store all your beauty tools and products.


lady tricks 19

20. Put cotton pads in your powder compacts to prevent them from breaking.


lady tricks 20


(h/t): Diply

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