Anne Hathaway Turns Into Bad Girl Lip Syncing Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ And She’s Freaking Hot And Awesome

Various celebrities are known to lip sync their voices when they can’t naturally sing with their voice or when they have that ‘unpleasant’ voice. But this time, lip syncing isn’t just about covering one’s voice, but entertaining viewers with a certain battle to win over.

That’s what Lip Sync Battle is doing, a musical comedy television program which pairs up two famous celebrities to do battle each week using lip sync as their weapon to outdo each other. One of their current artists who joined the battle is 32-year-old Anna Hathaway and here’s her wrecking-gorgeous performance:

Oh, Anne is too hot to handle! In this battle, Anne Hathaway faces off against Emily Blunt and obviously, Anne wrecked it too sexy! Lip Sync Battle is hosted by rapper and actor LL Cool J and is judged by the audience. Obviously, this battle is now a huge sensation worth to watch.

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