3 Simple Yet Awesome Do-It-Yourself Projects You Can Do At Home

One of the reasons why we continue to do easy life-hack projects is because we want to live this life in the easiest and satisfying way possible. And among the most simple do-it-yourself projects are the projects which will be featured on this video. Watch the video below as you’re going to see 3 simple … Read more

This DIY Solar Lantern Is Perfect To Make The Dark Night Bright

Solar energy is probably the leading source of energy across the world. Many countries have been using it as source of electricity to sustain companies, production, military bases and many more. Because of sun’s light and heat, we are able to produce and invent many other things. But how can we utilize it in such … Read more

How To Make Bubbles Bounce Without Making It Pop

In its latest experiment, HooplaKidzlab shared on YouTube how to make bubbles bounce without making it pop. But in order to make this experiment a success, you must prepare the following materials first. Cotton gloves, teaspoon, 1 teaspoon glycerine, 1 tablespoon washing up liquid, pipette, scissor and 1 cup of water. Watch the video below … Read more

3 Unbelievable Ways On How To Change The Color Of Your Eye Naturally

Changing the color of your eye can only be done using photo editing or applying contact lenses. But do you know you can actually change the color of your eye using natural process? Noel Olivencia discussed on YouTube the three natural ways on how to change the color of your eye. Watch the video below … Read more