15 Incredible Bus Ads That Will Simple Surprise Anyone

Most people who do not have own vehicles would ride a bus. There are people who will see buses as plain and boring but, some buses right now have been pimped to look eye-catching. Mobile advertisements using buses have becoming popular as these long vehicles really catch the attention of people. Here are some examples … Read more

15 Powerful Photos Of People That Changed After Smiling

Indeed, one smile can really change the mood of a person. No matter how bad the mood of the person, upon seeing a genuine smile even from a stranger, one’s mood could be changed instantly. A project started by Jay Weinstein shows how a stranger’s face can change upon doing the ‘warmest gesture’ of all … Read more

Etiquettes That Many People Didn’t Know Yet, #8 Is Awesome

Etiquette is something everyone needs to possess as it would remind you of the things that you be done and those which are not. What etiquette do know and follow most of the time? Brightside have compiled a list of simple etiquette reminders that could be applied everywhere in the world. 1. How to place your cutlery … Read more

These Kids Really Proved That There Is Still Real Humanity Around – Lovely

kids kindness

Although the world has been going really stressful these days, there is still hope that can be found in humanity.
Children, especially, have the most precious, true, and the most honest reactions one can see or experience.
In these compiled photos of Bored Panda, it showed that there is still hope in humanity. Wow! And it seemed that a good future is still there waiting.

  1. Kid helps bunny to climb


The Cutest Bear You’ll Ever See, This Is So Lovely (VIDEO)

Most people would think that wild animals are all dangerous and aggressive. No wonder there are many people who are just rude to them even though these animals are not doing anything against some people. Bears are among the fiercest animals in the wild especially when there’s someone in their territory. But, in the video … Read more