30 Wonderful Tiny Paintings By Artist Hasan Kale, Unbelievable!

30 wonderful

Have you ever imagined painting on a peanut husk, on a blade, or a bread stick? That is something very unique right? Usually, what we can see are paintings in large portraits or in street walls. Seldom can we find paintings on very tiny canvass or objects.

Yet one Turkish painter, Hasan Kale, enjoys doing painting on small objects. Based on a post in Bored Panda, the creative artist paints on split almonds, beans, peanut husks, and many other objects. Kale proved that art has no boundaries.

Here is the list of the 30 wonderful masterpieces of Kale.

1. Shark in a Shell


2. Sea in Insect’s Wings


3. Painting in a Fruit


4. Tiny Painting


5. Panda in a Nut Bar


6. Galaxy in a Blade


7. Bird in Bread Stick


8. Tiny Map


9. House in a Cup


10. Fishes in Egg Shell


30 Wonderful Tiny Paintings By Artist Hasan Kale, Unbelievable!

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