Extremely Rare White Squirrel Seen In UK, Such A Wonder…

There are so many wonders that the world has to surprise us all. Many are things are not seen everyday. Fro example, this extremely rare white squirrel spotted by a wildlife photographer Andrew Fulton at the Marbury Country Park, Northwich, United Kingdom. The squirrel undergoes in a phenomenon called leucism or the loss of pigmentation resulting to a white or pale animal skin, hair or fur.

Andrew said,
“It was my first time seeing a white squirrel as they are so rare, but hopefully it won’t be the last. It took me a while to find the squirrel even though I knew there was one in the park due to the word of mouth and other people reporting it”.

This phenomenon happens in one in a million of squirrels that’s why it’s so amazing.

Now, here are some photos of the very rare total white squirrel in a park in UK. Just so amazing!






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(h/t: Boredpanda )

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