BONE CANCER – Its Causes, Symptoms & Types of Bone Cancer

Guide on the Causes, Symptoms & the Different Types of Bone Cancer

BONE CANCER – Here are the causes, symptoms, and types of this serious disease that can cost a life.

Nowadays, it seems like cancer has taken its turn. More and more people are suffering from the said serious disease which comes in many types. Unfortunately, many people have died because of it.

The said disease can be acquired in a lot of ways – lifestyle, family history, and exposure to radiation being some of them. With regards to its types, one of the rarest affects the bone.

In this article, we will discuss the causes, symptoms, and the types of bone cancer. According to Mayo Clinic, it makes up less than 1% of all cancers.

Bone Cancer
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Bone Cancer Causes, Symptoms & Types


Based on the article, the cause of this disease in most cases have yet to be identified but there are some that are linked to family history or hereditary factors. Some were due to exposure to radiation.


With regards to the common signs and symptoms pointing to this rare type of cancer, here is a list of five(5) of them:

  • painful bones
  • swelling and tenderness on the areas near the painful bones
  • fatigue
  • unintended weight loss
  • weak bones which leads to bone fracture


There are three(3) types of cancer in the bones. They are the osteosarcoma, the chondrosarcoma, and the ewing sarcoma.

  1. Osteosarcoma – Based on the article, this is the most common among the three(3) types. It is characterized by the cancerous cells making bones and it usually targets the leg and arms of children and young adults.
  2. Chondrosarcoma – Unlike the osteosarcoma wherein the cancerous cells produce bone, in chondrosarcoma, the cells produce cartilage. It usually targets the pelvis, arms, and legs of middle-aged and older adults.
  3. Ewing sarcoma – This type usually sparks in the pelvis, arms, or legs of children and young adults.

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