Canadian Man Creates A Working Futuristic Hoverboard – Unbelievable

Human being have dreamt of flying even before. Since the invention of aircrafts by the Wright Bros., everything has changed. But, humans are still wanting for more. We just wanted to ride in hoverboards just like in the, “Back to the Future”. Thankfully, a Canadian inventor named Catalin Alexandru Duru together with team, developed a … Read more

This Baby Bear Thought That The Flagstick He’s Holding Is A Wobbly Tree.. What He Did With It Is So Hilarious You Can’t Help Not To Laugh!

It’s not unusual when we see something so common before our eyes (not unless if it’s too weird), but for our fellow earthlings who are not accustomed of the things around them, it’s no wonder if they’ll find themselves shocked and surprised. Animals are just like that like this baby bear, who for sure spent … Read more

From A Distance, This Looks Like Nothing. But Take A Closer Look, You Might Find Yourself Screaming!

Have you ever been to a place where you feel so uncomfortable thinking that some creepy creature might be crawling in? Well, there’s this place that would surely give you goosebumps especially when you’re afraid of snakes. Narcisse Snake Dens in Manitoba, Canada is regarded as the largest aggregation of Red-sided Garter snakes in the world. During … Read more