After Watching This, Your Brain Will Be Messed And You Might Not Trust Your Ears. Is This Real?

There are many articles about optical illusions that we have posted here. These are objects that trick our eyes and we have become quick to catch it. After taking a closer look, our brains could soon perceive what we are really seeing.

But how about illusions that trick our ears? What?! Is there a thing like that? Well, there is. It’s called “audio illusion.”¬†An auditory illusion, also known as sound trick, is an illusion of hearing (equivalent to optical illusion). The human ear hears¬†imaginary sounds that are not present in the stimulus. Audio illusions demonstrate areas where the human ear and brain team up to create or perceive something different from the actual thing.

While it is usual to mishear sounds when you first hear it, these auditory illusions are constantly misleading.

Here’s an example:

And here’s a detailed explanation:

This video gives us two confounding scenarios: one is, what our eyes see can alter what our ears hear and the other is, what our ears hear can alter what our eyes perceive. Now, would you still believe your eyes and the things they see, or your ears and the things they hear? I don’t think so.

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