This Japan’s Levitating Maglev Train Runs 500 Km/hr, Watch How Incredible It Is

Since the technology has grown wider nowadays, geniuses around the world created a lot of cool and incredible inventions that we love of using. What do you think is the most amazing invention that you want to experience of using someday?

If you are a kind of person who loves knowing a lot of facts about the latest technology nowadays, here is a great video uploaded by the channel BBC News on YouTube that you’ll surely enjoy. In this video, you’ll about to witness the outstanding speed of Japan’s levitating Maglev train. You really need to check this out!

OMG! This train is incredibly fast! These train fans experienced the speed of this Super-fast Maglev train that runs 500km/h or 311mph! Believe it or not, these Maglev Trains are even faster than Japan’s famous bullet trains. The inventors of this vehicle used magnetic levitation or “float” above the train tracks!

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