34 Majestic Wave Photos That Capture The Beauty Of Waves

  Majesttic wavephotos tyat caught the attention of the world. Throrough the use of photography, the beauty of the waves can be showcase to the world. Here are some of the majestic photos that were posted by Warren Keelan or Ray Collins.  Hec posted the beautiful photos hat showcases the powerful  photo series on Bored … Read more

When Doggie Loves Surfing…Looks Really Adorable…

Our pets can be our great company when we’re in outings or out of town just relaxing in the breeze of the ocean. Dogs are known to be faithful to their masters. That’s why dogs are one of the most common pets people have in their homes. We really enjoy their company especially when they … Read more

This Photographer Sets Off Into The Sea To Capture His Enormous Subject.. The Waves! Very Artistic!

In order to acquire one’s photographer’s workmanship, a subject or a theme for photography is needed. If some photographers would love to take shots of the beauty of a naked body, most are engaged in capturing Earth’s beauty, particularly of nature. Animals, flowers, trees, sunset, sky, landscapes, seas.. but Photographer Clark Little regards for something … Read more