Here’s A Very Simple Way To Make Anything Waterproof

Things are easily destroyed when they often get wet. Like shoes, when they are soaked in the water, its quality decreases. The same with shirts. If you notice, the cloth weakens every time you wash it. But worry no more, here’s a simple way on how to make anything waterproof. In this video, you will … Read more

Make Your Shoes Waterproof Using Only Two Things

Rain is unexpected to happen; no matter how much you wished for it not to come, if it did starts to pour, you can do nothing about it but you’re getting wet all by yourself. Getting wet is a disappointing situation especially when you’re super dressed for an occasion or event. When you’re wet, you … Read more

This Guy Lights Waterproof Match Stick And Dips It Underwater

There’s a lot of cool science experiments that we enjoy knowing the amazing results, some guys are really passionate in making these crazy experiments and film it to impress other people. Are you one of the guys who love watching videos of insane and unique experiments online? If you are, here is another one that … Read more