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Drone Captures Heart-Stopping Moment Hiker Is Swept Down By A Flash Flood.

This mountain hiker was spotted coursing through a raging waterfall. In aim to cross the water for an exhilarating adventure, he caught himself struggling in the middle with nowhere to go. What happens in the next few seconds is something you do not want to experience. But, the flying drone was able to record everything […]

This Video Of A Korean Woman Removing Her Makeup Has Gone Viral Because What Happened To Her Will Leave You Speechless

Makeup does wonders in a woman’s face- concealing the dark and unwanted marks, transforming tired eye lids, turning pale skin into baby face, or in short, beautifying a certain woman to look more pleasant from anyone’s eyes. That’s how magical makeup can do and women all around the world knew that (that’s why women uses […]

Viral Video: Three Women Performs Various Songs From The Early 1990s To Now In A Car And It’s Awesome

What our music looks like for the past decades? Has it changed to good? Or there are few transformations? Well, there’s a way to know about it and that’s by playing the old and new songs while you’re rocking around yourself listening. But to these three women, it’s like of performing with absolute outfit making […]

This Bulldog Want To Tell His Owner He Hates Mineral Bottle

Dogs are one of the smartest animals that we could ever adopt at home; the funny and cute things they do often make us smile. Are you one of the guys who love playing with adorable dogs? What do you think is the weirdest and funniest thing your puppy did that make you and your […]

It Started As A Simple Dance Performance, And Ended Up Into A Surprise Marriage Proposal

We all love being surprised by our loved ones especially if we knew that they’ve planned a lot of things to give that romantic gift. Every woman in this world wants a romantic marriage proposal from their boyfriends, they would definitely say yes once their partners prepared an extra special surprise. If you love watching […]

Bizarre Transformation Video Of Hollywood Actress Emma Watson Pulling Off Her Mask

In this modern day, we are sure that you have already saw a lot of videos that has amazing effects which is made using a graphic video-editing softwares. These softwares are commonly used in creating sci-fi movies and special effects. But it can also be used for fun, just like what a video enthusiast did […]

Here’s A Chinese Dance Video Which Kim Jong-Un Doesn’t Want You To See. He Really Hates This!

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is highly revered by his people. He is regarded as an all-powerful dictator. And because dictators never seem to have a good sense of humor, it’s no wonder Kim was not amused with the newest viral video. If he ordered his men to have the haircut he wants, now he asks […]

This Is What Happens When Kids Were Given A 1970s Computer. It’s Completely Hilarious… LOL!

Technology has gone far beyond our imagination. It has changed the way we live, it has made our lives easy in a way that it does what a human do, and it has greatly affected the younger generation. Now the question is, how would a group of tech-savvy kids were given a computer from the 1970s […]

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