Aritst Creates Mind-Blowing Body Paintings That Will Surely Mesmerize You

Art can be done in any from and in any genre. Many artists prefer paint and canvas. Another type of painting that is just as interesting as the paint in canvas art is body painting. This is what a 27-year-old British artist named Emma Fay have done. She paints colorful photos of animals and other […]

Love Pringles? Here Are 5 Unbelievable Tricks You Can Do With Pringles – I Didn’t Any Of These Before…

Even in the dense variety of foods available in the market today, there is still a certain food that we’d love to eat every time. One of the most loved potato chips around the world is the Pringles. Pringles has an iconic cylindrical tube packaging protecting the delicate and crunchy potato chips. Did you know […]

Learn How To Make This Very Cool Dinosaur Illusion – See How It Seems To Turn His Head And Look At You

There are lots of things that can deceive our eyes. That is why, we should not believe instantly on what we are seeing. Illusions are mind-tricking things or scenes that look like they’re playing with our perceptions. One example is this dinosaur that when you look at it from side to side, and up and […]

Going To A Party? Here Are Simple Tricks That Will Blow The Minds Of People – Just Thank Me Later

We are all SOCIAL ANIMALS. We love to stay mingle with our family, friends, and even co-workers. That only proves that no one is an island. Everyone needs each one to survive. Parties are made to have gatherings that will include talking, socializing, making new friends, eating, and just enjoying. In these parties, there will […]

Don’t You Know That You Can Tease Your Brains With Body Tricks? Learn Some Of Them And Have Fun…

Our brain controls our body actions, feelings, and functions. The brain is so incredible on how fast it processes data that are passing on it. Approximately, it processes about 11 trillion bits per second. But, besides that facts about the brain, it can still be teased by doing body tricks that acts like puzzles for […]

Amazing Trick Shot Of A Soccer Ball Made By Guys In The Hallway…So Cool…

Most of us just have a specific sport that we love. What’s yours? The world have made many different ball sports including basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and others. One of the most famous and supported sports by fans around the world is soccer or football. In soccer, there are eleven players in each team and […]

15 Soft Exercise Tricks That Will Surely Keep You Motivated

Exercise is one of the best activities we can do every day; it makes our body fit and healthy that is the reason why some of us are really addicted in going to some fitness gyms to shape up their body. Did you know that there are also soft exercises that could make you live […]

14 Super Simple Tricks To Make Your Battery Last Longer

Since the technology is really getting bigger and improving, there are a lot of gadgets and devices that we enjoy of using because these make our lives easier and more comfortable. Are you one of the guys who often use your smartphone anywhere and anytime you want? What do you think is the best use […]

This Guy Did The World’s Best Hookah Tricks Ever

There are a lot of tricksters in the world that often amaze us every time they started showing some skills, they practice and train their self well in order to perform their great stunts. Are you one of the guys who love watching some videos on the most amazing tricks in the world? Have you […]

Watch How These Guys Do Some Epic Golf Tricks Shots

There are a lot of people who practice and train their skills well in order to impress their friends; they often catch our attention especially once they started showing some skills on public. Some sports minded people are really addicted in doing insane tricks in playing their game. Are you one of the guys who […]

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