These Guys Just Got Some Unreal Skateboard Trick – Unbelievable

People just wanted to do and try things that sometimes seems impossible. Yes, what are the things have you tried before? The curiosity of people were just driving them to try new things and ideas. These guys in a video uploaded on the Facebook page of Bleacher Report shows a really unbelievable skateboard trick. The […]

This Is How World Champion Whistler Sounds Like – Very Impressive

There are so many talents and skills that each of us has developed through the years. Some go for art, music, theater, sculpting, painting, magic tricks, and a lot more. But, some just have skills that only a few people can do. Whistling is a common thing for some. But, did you know that there […]

This 95-Year-Old Granny’s Piano Skills Will Surely Drop Your Jaw, She Still Got It…

Age is just a number. Indeed, that’s true. Showing your talents and skills doesn’t stop when you age. This what the 95-year-old granny named Corazon from the Philippines have proved when she shared her skills in playing the piano. In the video below, Lola Corazon (“Lola” is “granny” in Filipino) played a Hungarian Folk dance […]

When These Girls Opened Their Mouths And Started Singing, The Whole Crowd Was Left In Awe…

A lot of talents and skills have surprised the world throughout the years. Some just conquered the world with their music and made millions by doing multi-platinum albums sold and sold-out concerts. We can even see talents just outside the streets. Still, they’re so amazing. Chorals are famous in schools where students were trained and […]

Hilarious Passenger Does Mini-Concert At A Public Jeepney In the Philippines…

The world is exploding with awesome talented people. There are many who were just so incredible. Most these talents ¬†were shown in stages, concerts, or even in television. Some talents are presented in the streets and are still amazing. The Philippines is a country with a rich culture and tradition. Not only that, Filipinos are […]

Amazing Acrobatic Poses Made By A Duo In A Running Motorcycle…Heart-Pounding

We have been amused by a lot of talents and skills of people all over the television, the internet, or even live. There are talents that seem really impossible to be done, but some people are just so dedicated to practice and train doing such things. A lot us have already seen acrobatic performances made […]

Amazing Kid From The Voice Kids Philippines Rocked The Judges During Auditions…Chills

From different talents and abilities, the Philippines has it all. From old ones to very young kids, talents in this country are over-flowing. You can see them in streets, in homes, schools, in transportation means, in malls, and some just took the stage to showcase talent. The Voice Kids Philippines 2015 has an ongoing audition […]

Viral Video: This Incredible Pianist Plays 23 Notes Per Second

Musicians are really entertaining to watch especially once they started showing impossible skills in playing their musical instruments. They take a lot of time in practicing their skills in order for them to perfect it and perform well on stage. Are you one of the guys who are impressed with people doing incredible tricks towards […]

You Don’t Have Any Slight Idea That These 15 Famous People Are So Skillful And Talented. I’m Surprised Too!

We easily know people by their looks, personality, and their respective achievements, but unaware of what we know of who they really are outside lies the secret within them- hidden talents and skills only few knew including themselves. Famous people around the world that we admired so much are bound to this. Unlike us regular […]

I’m Really Impressed with Rare Talents. But When I Saw These Talented Guys! Oh No!

Special talents can make lots of money especially for those professionals who made use of their talents to earn a living and became well-known of the things they knew best. Although, not all of us were gifted with incredible talents to showcase to the world, some people used their talents just to impress their peers. […]

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