You Won’t Try Getting Things That Aren’t Yours Upon Seeing This – A Must See

It is really a bad thing getting the things that aren’t yours, right? Well, but there are still people who doesn’t mind that at all. What’s important is getting that specific thing. That’s why, pranksters used this mindset to trick people. Guys from the TwinzTV used unattended bikes setup in the streets. These bikes are […]

Super Strong Meter Woman Shocks Everyone In The Street – Unbelievable

Women are not given the same importance like men before. Now, there’s equality between these two genders. Women can now do things that are normally done my men. This is what a video shared by the YouTube channel DidThatJustHappen wherein a super strong Meter maid is in action doing her job. Actually, this is just […]

Creative Ways To Beautify The Streets..Great!

The world is created beautifully by God but, because of our ways, it became dirty, polluted and constantly being destroyed. In the streets, we find garbages and litter almost everywhere. Even though the government is taking action regarding this, it’s still uncontrollable at times. A French artist named, Charles Leval, come up an idea to […]

Creativity Level 999 : Incredible Spray Paint Art Made In The Street

All of us have been given different skills and talents. As we grow up, we continue to develop and discover more. Some of us might have unique skills developed through experience, practice and time. In some of our streets, we can find street performers showing their art to people passing by. One of these is […]

Believe It Or Not, This Cop Turns An Old Plane Into A Street-Legal Car

There are a lot of people in this world especially boys who dream to have an awesome car someday, they really work hard and plan a lot of things to achieve it. Are you one of the passionate guys who loves having a uniquely incredible car someday? If you are, you need to watch this […]

This Magician Dressed Up Like Santa Claus To Grant The Wishes Of The Homeless People

Christmas is the time to share our blessings not only to our family, friends and special someone, we can also give something special to other strangers by greeting them “Merry Christmas”. We all love seeing magic tricks on public places done by some illusionists; they often amaze us because of their impossible tricks. If you […]

This Man Never Saw The Pole And Surprised Some Strangers

It is really fun to make our friends look fool and feel embarrassment, that is the reason why we love planning crazy things to make it possible. Do you love making some pranks together with your friends on public places? If you are, here is a crazy and funny prank that you can also try […]

This Magician Buys A Diamond Ring And Pays Blank Pieces Of Paper

We really enjoy seeing magic and illusions; we would often want to learn some tricks to impress our friends and families. What do you think is the most incredible and weirdest magic tricks have you ever seen before? If you love watching weird and unexplained illusion tricks, here is a video that you definitely need […]

This Street Musician Can Play 5 Different Instruments At The Same Time

Street performers are truly awesome because they are passionate on what they are doing; they do all their best to catch the attention of the strangers in public. If you are music lover or knows how to play some musical instruments, here is a video that you’ll surely enjoy watching. In this video, you’ll see […]

This Artist in Trafalgar Square Uses His Audience to Be Part Of His Performace

Street performers are truly incredible once they are doing their best to catch the attention of the crowd, we would often take time watching their whole performance once we see them in public. If you are a kind of person who loves watching unique tricks on streets, here is a video that you’ll surely love. […]

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