Starbucks Will Donate 100% Of Their Unsold Food To The Hungry – Must See

World-famous coffee shop, Starbucks announced on Tuesday, March 22, that it will have a program that will donate 100% of the unsold food to charity which will help minimize their waste also to help the needy in America. Starbucks will donate all their left unsold food in partnership with non-profit organizations Feeding America and Food […]

Woman Claims She Found A Mouse In Her Favorite Coffee – The World-Known Coffee Shop Responds

When we’re stressed, many of us go to coffee shops to take a sip of our favorite blend. But, what would you feel if you found out that there’s something in your coffee will surely disgust you? This is what a woman named Jessa who claims she found a whole mouse on her Starbucks coffee. […]

Try To Make A Coffee Free Starbuck’s Frappuccino At Home By Doing These Steps

Frappuccino is one of the trademark beverages of leading coffee company, Starbucks. It is usually being served with the primary essence of coffee but now, you can make one without the aroma of the hot beverage. Watch the video below as she gave you the recipe on how to make a coffee free Frappuccino. All […]

Here Are 19 Undercover Starbucks Orders That Aren’t Listed On The Menu

There’s no better way to relax oneself rather than going to a coffee shop, take a sip from your delicious coffee and sit down on a nook while reading your book. There are countless coffee shops around and Starbucks is obviously, one of those. If you already been there, you could say that there are […]

Guy Spends 5 Hours Drawing Detailed Map Of Middle-Earth From Lord Of The Rings On A Starbucks Coffee Cup

“You can use your drawing skill anywhere you like.” This is probably the maxim of Liverpool artist after he drew the Tolkien’s big and beautiful world of Middle-Earth (the setting for the Lord Of The Rings) on the side of the Starbucks coffee. Liam Kenny doesn’t hesitate to share his impressive drawing skill by spending […]

It Seems Like Starbucks’ Employees Are Misguided.. Spelling Their Customers’ Names Incorrectly! Such An Epic Fail Especially #s 4 And 5! HAHA!

It’s always feels so damn good to have some chit-chat with friends in a restaurant or in a cafe. And when both of you and your friends ordered something, and apparently have to wait for several minutes for your ordered food or drinks to be done, an employee usually asks your name for reference. Unexpectedly, […]

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