Guy Played 90 Different Instruments For A Single Song – This Is So Incredible…

Music is everywhere. When you close your eyes, or even when it’s open, music is always there. Music can be produced or done using different instruments like a guitar, flute, violin, and many more. But, a famous Youtuber named MysteryGuitarMan have once again “WOWED” his avid viewers when he used 90 different instruments to play […]

Having A Microphone In Hand, This Bride Made The Processional Incredibly Lovely – That’s Just Sweet…

In a relationship of a couple, there should be a time that they would end up, end up in a wedding. It’s a magical experience, indeed! The dream of mostly all couple. Weddings can be a solemn, fancy or unique. During the wedding ceremony of the couple Maria and Ronny at Alesund Church in Norway, […]

He Grabs The Microphone And The Whole Crowd Was Blown-Away – Filipino Kid’s Version Of Whitney Houston’s Song, “I Will Always Love You”

The Philippines is a beautiful country not only because of the breath-taking places but also its people. Filipinos are known to the world for their hospitality and a positive outlook in life. Besides that, they are a lot of Filipino talents that are world-class like Leah Salonga, Manny Pacquiao, Paeng Nepumoceno, and many more. Even […]

This Could Be The Ultimate Solution For The Not-So-Loud Speaker Of Your Smartphone..Well, Just Thank Me Later…

Nowadays, in the invasion of smartphones, almost all the things can be done using it. You can do multi-tasking. Apart from that, being music lovers, it’s a great ease to listening to your favorite music while doing other things in your phone like surfing the net. But, how about when you wanted to use the […]

This Couple’s Wedding Became More Interesting When Their Unexpected Wedding Singer Entered The Room…

In this life, we just can’t live on our own. Just according to a saying, “No one is an island”. Indeed, we need other to live in this world. That’s why we build relationships. When this relationship deepens, there comes the day to settle down and get married. Matt and Kya were together in a […]

How Will It Sound If Marilyn Monroe Would Sing “Ooops! I Did It Again” By Britney Spears ? This Is Really Interesting..Watch Now..

The world has seen so many artists who became so famous that they become icons. One of the well-known music icons is the female singer, Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was also a sexy actress in American movies back in the days. Most men in the 50’s and 60’s really have a great “desire” for Monroe because […]

These Guys Serenade Some Girls During University Lecture

Girls really love being surprised by their loved one; the guys who often do these things plan well in order to impress their girlfriends. Serenading your girl is one of the best things you can do to make her feel special, and that is the reason some why some ladies want a man who knows […]

Check This Out: Instrumental ‘I’m Yours’ By Jason Mraz Played On Two Nokia Phones

If you’re tired of listening to usual instruments being played for a certain song, here’s another trick to play one’s favorite song and you only need Nokia phones. Yes. Forget about the big, smartphone you have in your pocket right now and listen to this. An unknown man uploaded a video of him playing instrumental […]

Viral Video: This Incredible Pianist Plays 23 Notes Per Second

Musicians are really entertaining to watch especially once they started showing impossible skills in playing their musical instruments. They take a lot of time in practicing their skills in order for them to perfect it and perform well on stage. Are you one of the guys who are impressed with people doing incredible tricks towards […]

Man Panics As ‘Let It Go’ Parody Song Plays In His Laptop At Library And He Can’t Stop It From Playing

What are you going to do when you’re caught up with unexpected occurrence? Will you stay calm? Or would you panic restlessly? Take this man for an instance. After taking a little break from his study in the library, he got his laugh-all-they-want prank from his seatmates with the help of Frozen’s Let It Go […]

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