11-Year-Old Filipino Boy Nailed Singing Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ With So Much Soul

Most of us believe that talent is something not to leave behind but to treasure; that is why some would do everything to prove their talent’s worth and letting the world know of it. There are those who, despite of circumstances, will do everything to follow their dreams with the talent they have. Some even […]

These Guys Serenade Some Girls During University Lecture

Girls really love being surprised by their loved one; the guys who often do these things plan well in order to impress their girlfriends. Serenading your girl is one of the best things you can do to make her feel special, and that is the reason some why some ladies want a man who knows […]

9-Month-Old Baby Sings Along When The Acoustic Guitar Comes Out

We really love playing with babies because they’re so adorable and they can do unexpected things that could make us smile. Some parents like seeing their babies happy by teaching them simple tricks that would impress other people. Are you one of the guys who love playing with these cuties too? If you are, here […]

Daughter Secretly Films Her Dad As They Sing “The Closer I Get To You”

Parents nowadays are busy in their daily jobs and most of them doesn’t have time to bond with their children, but there are also moms and dads who schedule sweet activities for their children. If you love seeing some sweet videos of father and daughter bonding, here is a viral one that you shouldn’t miss […]

This Elderly Couple Are Young At Heart When They Dance And Play Piano

It is really nice to have someone for the rest of our life who will guide and take care of us; this will surely measure how they truly love us. Are you one of the guys who love knowing great love stories? What do you think is the most romantic you’ve ever heard? What do […]

She Did An Amazing Cover Of Miley Cyrus’ “When I Look At You”

The first time we faced and performs in front of the crowd, we can’t deny that the first thing we feel will be nervous. Somehow, that’s just a normal feeling. Sooner or later and as the performance goes through, the feeling will somehow change. After which, you will then be able to show to people […]

Her Style Of Guitar Playing Makes Her Funky, Soulful And Compelling Guitarist

Musicians are truly one of the best entertainers that would often get our attention once they started showing skills especially on public places like streets. These performers are really passionate when it comes to practicing and making their skills perfect. If you are a kind of person who loves watching great music from unexpected people, […]

Dad Duets With His Baby For The First Time

Parents really cherished every moment of their babies growth. If possible, they will record the first time they open their eyes, their first haircut, the first time they will walk and speak and any other first times. As such, they really care much for this and considered it as one of the best moments of […]

This Street Musician Can Play 5 Different Instruments At The Same Time

Street performers are truly awesome because they are passionate on what they are doing; they do all their best to catch the attention of the strangers in public. If you are music lover or knows how to play some musical instruments, here is a video that you’ll surely enjoy watching. In this video, you’ll see […]

Watch How This Adorable German Shepherd Sings Together With His Owner

Animals are truly awesome and funny once they are doing something great, their owners must really be passionate in training them to do such impressive things. Are you one of the people who love adopting dogs at home? If you are, you’ll surely enjoy watching this video. This video was uploaded by the channel Rumble […]

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