30 Creative Illustrations Made By Belgian Artist Vincent Bal, Wonderful!

Art is the same with the imagination of a human being – it has no limits. That feature of art makes every artist unique in his or her own way. Every artist’s masterpiece always differ from another in some personal aspects. Recently, a post in Bored Panda featured the masterpieces of Belgian artist and filmmaker […]

Alaska Airlines Delays Their Flight To See This Spectacular Event – You Need To See This

Have you ever experienced a delayed flight? Most people will really wanted that their flight would be delayed due to certain reasons and explanations. Many people are preferring airplanes as form of transportation because of the ease and the small period of time in travel. Although, it may be a bit pricier than other forms. […]

This Toddler Sees Her Shadow For The Very First Time

Kids are one of the most precious gifts given by God to parents; some moms do hilarious things to their kids to impress other people. Others would find it cute and others would find it disgusting, are you one of the guys who love seeing cute and funny kids? If you are, here is a […]

See How Shadow Can Deceive Your Eyes With These Impressive Art Pieces. WOW!

Among the many things existed in this world that is too unexplainable, shadow is included. It is our dark imprint which surrounds us in the presence of sun or artificial lighting. Since it can happen anytime and comes in different shapes depending on the lighting, it is known to be one source of art. We […]

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