Here’s A Cool Thing To Do With Steel Wool – Worth A Try

People on Earth are just very curious about many things in this world. That’s the reason why things have been discovered. Yes, no wonder why children were being exposed in science experiments. Even in our age, we can still do and discover new things. This is what a YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker shared on his […]

Brace Yourself For The Underwater Candle…Yes, Now Learn How To Make One – This Is So Easy

In our early days at school, there are activities that can really capture our attention like science experiments. We are all curious on things that are happening around us. For example, how can a candle continue to be aflame even it’s underwater? Hmmm…Simple idea. As the candle wax melts, it creates a temporary barrier disabling […]

Here Are 9 Scientific Study Tips That Could Be Helpful For You

We all want and need to attain knowledge. That’s why we go to school. At school, there are a lot of activities that we will be undergoing into. One of them is a test. Tests are given by the teacher in order for him to know whether the students are learning or not. With this, […]

When These Girls Opened Their Mouths And Started Singing, The Whole Crowd Was Left In Awe…

A lot of talents and skills have surprised the world throughout the years. Some just conquered the world with their music and made millions by doing multi-platinum albums sold and sold-out concerts. We can even see talents just outside the streets. Still, they’re so amazing. Chorals are famous in schools where students were trained and […]

The Ultimate Paint Battle: Hilarious Battle Of Vandalism And Paint Job..

Most of us are told in school and by our parents not to do vandalism in school properties and at home to not to draw on tables and chairs. Some told us also not to paint on walls unauthorized. You know what I’m saying; making illegal graffiti on public and private walls. These illegal painting […]

For 3 Years, This Kind Student Carries His Classmate Who Is Unable To Walk Going To School Everyday

Friend. What it’s exactly mean to be called one? Does it mean being the ‘best buddy’ for someone, whom you share the same interest in life? Or is it someone who, thick and thin, will always be on your side to cheer you up even though he’s hurting on his own? What it’s really mean […]

This Little Girl Got Some Tearful Surprise From Her Mother After Finishing Her Math Test

Being away from someone we love so much really hurts and sometimes, we can’t avoid not feeling so lonely whenever we miss them. The only thing we wanted is to see and hug them like forever. Families of respected heroes of todays like soldiers always have that exact situation. They may don’t want their dear […]

This Man Makes A Great Action To Make Visible For Everyone In School

There are thousands of children who were bullied at school every year. Since then, the schools make an action to avoid it. But still, there are people who doesn’t stop. And it actually makes other other people to feel desperate and alone. At the same time, some gets affected and considers their selves as invisible to […]

Here Are The 10 Lies You Were Taught In School

We were taught a lot of things when we were in school, we used to think that it is all correct. Have we ever asked ourselves if all of those things are exactly correct and perfect for our lives? If you love knowing a lot of facts in this world, here is a video that […]

The Way This Simple Multiplication Was Solved Is Really A Mystery.

We can’t deny the fact that not all learning can be learned in school. As such, those easiest and fastest way to solve math problems in particular can actually be learned outside it. That may sound ironic, but based on how I see it, it really seemed that this was real. Proving to it will […]

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