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Cool Father Lets Baby Experience Roller Coaster Ride In A Different way

Roller coaster is only for the adrenaline junkie people. But if you are afraid off heights and thrill, then it’s not for you. Also, children are not allowed to ride on it as it might result to fortunate incident. But, this father allowed his baby to experience the ride in the coolest way. He used […]

Dad Saves Kid Slipping Roller Coaster – Heart-Throbbing

A video showing a dad saving his kid who slipped from a roller coaster has gone viral now. It can be seen that the kid enjoys before the ride starts but suddenly, he slipped and fortunately, the dad was quick enough to grab his child. The slipping happened, according to the video description, in “Wonderland” […]

When This Roller Coaster Jammed, You Will Be Amazed By What They Did.

A roller coaster ride is truly an exhilarating adventure. But, once you step into an attempt be aware also that things could go wrong while the ride is giving you goose bumps. While the ride could give you a memorable experience, it could only be happy or nightmare. Given that some mishaps could happen, you […]

This Could Be The Most Awkward Break-Up Ever…Watching This Video Will Literally Give You Mixed Emotions…

We can’t by ourselves alone. All of us just need each other in order to live and survive here on Earth. We need to communicate and relationship with our fellow. Sometimes, this relationship goes deeper and become more intimate. This results in a next level of relationship and the two become a couple. But, like […]

Human-Powered Roller Coaster That Will Be Enjoyed Especially By Kids

We can’t deny that there are lots of terrifying rides today in any circus. But still, there are those who want to do and try it even though they know that it is unsafe. Some says it is to measure how strong and tough you are in conquering your fears. It may be achieved some […]

This World’s Tallest Roller Coaster Is Also The Most Awful Ride Ever.

An animation video of the world’s tallest sky scraper and probably the most terrifying ride was unveiled. Earlier this week, Wallack Holdings, the developer of park has released the track lay out for the skyscraper roller coaster. Measuring 535 ft tall, the heart-pumping ride will shoot the thrill-seekers to the air at 65 miles per […]

This Blonde Girl Was So Brave Riding A Roller Coaster. But When It Started Moving Fast, Her Reaction Was Hilarious… LOL!

We really like going to theme parks and amusement parks when we were kids. Even now that we are adults, we still enjoy going to this place, what is best about it are the breathtaking rides. What do you think is the most breathtaking and probably the best rides have you ever tried? We would […]

This Roller Coaster Offers The Best Ride Of Your Life. Watch This And You’ll Freak To Know Why!

Taking a ride on a roller coaster is such a thrilling experience. But there’s this one called “Gravity Max” tilt coaster which is seriously amazing – and it’s REAL. Gravity Max is  tilt coaster build by Dutch designer Vekoma found in Taiwan’s Discovery theme park. It features a train that gets locked onto a section of […]

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