Heartwarming Moment When Daughter Tells Her Mom She’s Pregnant

We all love being surprised by our loved ones, we often react hilariously once we knew they’ve told us something we never expected. Are you one of the guys who love giving presents to your parents? What do you think is the most special surprise gift you’ve ever given to your parents and what was […]

This Pregnant Mom Along With Her Son Did Something That Made Netizens Furious

It’s pretty normal for us to help somebody who needed our help more than we do to ourselves. As humans, we’re good at heart and at hand. Our world suffers a lot- everyday, you can find individuals who are in the street begging for money and waiting for help for them to survive their everyday […]

What Happened To This Pregnant Woman At The Beach Will Surely Drop Your Jaw. It’s Just Amazing… WHOA!

Isn’t it amazing to see how a baby moves inside a woman’s womb? I couldn’t even barely imagine what it would feel like having that human life in your belly. But I’m pretty sure all mothers around the world can relate to this. A pregnant woman named Nichole (who was probably months or weeks into […]

What Can Stop You To Do Things? For This Woman, It’s NOTHING! Look At What She Did!

A lot of people says that amount of fun will be lessen when you got pregnant. You always have to be careful on everything you do to protect the kid in your tummy. But what this woman did was actually crazy. Meanwhile, meet  Michelle Arvin. She works as a trapeze artist and aerial performer. She’s […]

This Man’s Wife Didn’t Want Maternity Photos, So He Figured Out Something To Do About It. I Can’t Stop Laughing!

To have kids is awesome, so it just perfectly means that to be pregnant is nothing but an amazing blessing a woman can actually have. Since it’s a blessing, it’s been a tradition for most women to take maternity photos, not only for the record but also signals the birth of being a mother and […]

These 30 Hilariously Creative Pregnancy Photographs Will Absolutely Make You Say Awkward. #22 and #28 LOL!

I can’t stop laughing after I saw these 30 hilariously creative pregnancy photographs along with their husbands who are determined enough showing their support to their wives. I can’t believe that these couple along with their babies can bring laughter to some netizens out of their creative and imaginative ways. Meanwhile, look at these 30 […]

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