Viral Shocking Social Experiment Shows How Easy It Is For A Stranger To Forcibly Take A Child

“Are your kids safe?” Well, as reality speaks, children these days are not safe especially outside the house playing like in the playground. There are strangers out there who have bad intentions to your kids and it’s a scary fact most parents can’t avoid to happen. If you’re a parent, you might not know what’ll […]

Tutorial Video: How To Do The Exploding Egg Prank

There are a lot of prank videos that we really enjoy of watching online, the people who do these hilarious things are really crazy and they’ll plan a lot of things to make their victim feel embarrassment. Are you one of the guys who love watching crazy prank videos online? What do you think is […]

10 Craziest Household Pranks You Can Do At Home

Prank is one of the most amusing activities that we really enjoyed of doing with our friends; we really like to make fun with other people in order for them to feel embarrassment. Are you one of the guys who love trolling your family and friends at home? If you are, here is a video […]

This Man Fells In Front Of The Crowd And What They Did Was Suprising

It is really easy for us to judge the character of each person through their appearance, but there are also people who love to know the person first before judging them. Are you one of the guys who like helping and doing good deeds for the homeless people? If you are, here is a video […]

Who Among These Guys Can Do Better? Basketball Superstar Vs Football Prankster! Holy Cow!!

It is really nice if we are involved in any kind of sports because it makes our body fit. Being involved in this activity is really good for our health. We are inspired by our favorite sport superstars and that is the reason why we are also doing this! What do you think is the […]

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