Pole Dancer’s Gravity-Defying Performance On Belgium’s Got Talent That Will Leave You Speechless

Dancing is one way to express your emotions through the rhythm of music and there are different kinds of dancing one could actually do depending on the style and the way of expressing it. Ever heard of pole dancing? Well, it’s historically associated in clubs but this time, it was warmly accepted on entertainment and […]

This Amazing Woman Takes You Through Her Pole Vault Routine

People who are doing great in showing their skills and talent are truly mesmerizing to watch, they often catch our attention once they started showing skills especially from much unexpected person. Are you a kind of person who love seeing great and amazing stunts done by a woman? If you are, here is a video […]

This Man Never Saw The Pole And Surprised Some Strangers

It is really fun to make our friends look fool and feel embarrassment, that is the reason why we love planning crazy things to make it possible. Do you love making some pranks together with your friends on public places? If you are, here is a crazy and funny prank that you can also try […]

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