Russian Artist Creates Super Realistic Dolls That Will Make You Stare At Them Long – Incredible

If there’s one toy that little girls ever wanted are dolls. Do you agree with that? Dolls are being groomed with complete hairdo and dress. Most of them are made of rubber or plastic and looks like toys totally. But, this Russian doll maker named Michael Zajkov is really passionate in making realistic ones. While […]

NBA Stars Dress Like Grandpas To Play A Cool Basketball Shooting Match Up – Just Amazing…

Age should not hinder someone from doing what he loves best. If you love sports, then do it! Basketball is really an exciting and challenging game for all age. No wonder until now, we are hooked up on this league especially the NBA. Recently, NBA stars Kyrie Irving, Baron Davis, J.B. Smoove, and Ray Allen […]

A Simple Challenge For You: How Many Times Can You Tap “777” ? Try Your Luck Now…

Have you ever faced challenges in life? Well, most probably. Anyone who loves trying luck on casinos and the lottery? Well, a new craze that is now irritating social media like what Youtube user Johnnie Freeman have uploaded. In this video, you must pause and play the video in order to get the “777”. Are […]

This Father And His Adorable Daughter Have The Cutest Two-Minutes Bonding

Parenting is a demanding skill for a certain parent. It doesn’t only talk about being able to feed your children but also being able to take good care of them and that includes giving your time for them at all costs though you have certain issues with yourself. Giving time with them includes playing with […]

You’ll Have So Much Fun Watching These Guys Playing Hungry Hippos Game

Every heard of the game ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’, a tabletop game made for 2-4 players and usually played by kids? Well, it’s a fun game between 4 hippos named Happy, Henry, Homer and Harry where they lengthen their necks in order to snag more marbles and those who got more marbles is the winner. Recently, […]

Watch How This Kid Warps On The Other Side Of The Stream

There’s a lot of fun and great activities that we really enjoyed of doing once we are with our friends; we often think a lot of crazy things to make it more special. Have you ever experienced playing on rivers or creeks when you were little? What do you think is the most unforgettable moment […]

This Elderly Couple Are Young At Heart When They Dance And Play Piano

It is really nice to have someone for the rest of our life who will guide and take care of us; this will surely measure how they truly love us. Are you one of the guys who love knowing great love stories? What do you think is the most romantic you’ve ever heard? What do […]

Watch How This English Bulldog Shows Excitement In Playing The Pinball

Dogs are one of the most intelligent animals that we enjoy adopting at home; the cute and funny things they do often make us smile. Are you a kind of person who loves adopting many dogs at home? What do you think is the most adorable thing your pet does that makes you smile all […]

This Little Man Keeps On Falling While Playing In The Rain

It is really nice to see little kids doing cute things; they often do this kind of activity once they’ve encountered or seen something new to them. Some will find it funny that is the reason why they like putting their children into cute situations. When we were kids, we all enjoy of playing with […]

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