Artist Use Nails To Create Extremely Amazing Artworks – Pretty Impressive…

In art, one can actually use anything to make his own artwork. It all depends on the creativity and the imagination of a person. Do you know that simple nails can be used to make fantastic artwork? This is what an artist named John Bisbee have done by using nails in his sculptures. He discovered […]

You Thought It’s A Painting, Huh? I Assure You, You’ll Be More Amazed What This Really Is…

The World is a big piece of art that all that’s in it are also beautiful pieces of art including us. God has really created everything perfect in purpose. Because of this, we must not be surprised why many of us just appreciate and do different kinds of art like painting and music. An artist […]

Tutorial Video: How To Apply Tie Dye + Fast Food Gel Nail Art

Girls love putting fancy stuff on their bodies in order for them to look pretty and attract a lot of men; they really take time in doing these things during their free time. Are you one of the girls who love knowing and learning some fancy stuff like nail art? If you are, here is […]

How To Make Big Hero 6 Inspired Nail Art Perfect For Your Fingers

There are a lot of things that girls want of doing once they are bored, just like applying crazy stuffs on their bodies and faces. These stuffs make those girls think it would make them pretty and unique to the eyes of some hunks. One of the favorite activities that are done by some girls […]

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