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Tutorial Video: How To Apply Tie Dye + Fast Food Gel Nail Art

Girls love putting fancy stuff on their bodies in order for them to look pretty and attract a lot of men; they really take time in doing these things during their free time. Are you one of the girls who love knowing and learning some fancy stuff like nail art? If you are, here is […]

Watercolor Nail Art Design Perfect For Your Nails This Spring

Girls love to work on their beauty and fashion as always, and with that, they can’t help but follow tutorials on how to feel more comfortable with themselves. Internet is filled with beauty and fashion tutorials and one of them is nail art tutorials done by Youtuber HelloMaphie. Here’s her watercolor nail art design that […]

16 Hearty Nail Arts To Celebrate With This Day Of Love

Getting ready for your significant other this Valentine’s Day means to be beautiful to look for him. Ladies, you know what I mean. Of course, looking gorgeous has many factors- your dress, your hair and also, your nails. Since nail art has gotten big these days, why add some color to your nails this Valentine’s? […]

How To Make Christmas Lights Art Nail Art Perfect For This Holiday Season

Christmas season is truly a great time to look pretty and handsome to the eyes of other people, we would really attract other strangers once our outfits are themed with Christmas. Are you one of the girls who love putting fancy nail arts on your fingers? If you are, here is another nail art tip […]

Learn How To Make Snowflake Nail Art Perfect For Your White Christmas

Since the Christmas is coming, many girls wanted to look beautiful and put a lot of stuff in their body. They always thought that these stuffs would make them look pretty to the eyes of many guys. Are you one of the girls who love putting some colors and arts on your nails? If you […]

How To Make Big Hero 6 Inspired Nail Art Perfect For Your Fingers

There are a lot of things that girls want of doing once they are bored, just like applying crazy stuffs on their bodies and faces. These stuffs make those girls think it would make them pretty and unique to the eyes of some hunks. One of the favorite activities that are done by some girls […]

These Are The Most Distracting Nail Arts!! These Styles Are Just Too Much!!

Girls nowadays have a lot of attractive stuff on their bodies. They are fun of playing and creating designs that would look great and attractive to eyes of other people. Most of them would love having nail arts on their fingers because it look so colorful. Nail art is a creative way of decorating fingernails and toenails. […]

If You Want Your Nails Done, Here Are 28 Crazy Designs That You Can Choose From. Oh My, What?!

Getting our nails done can be so much fun. We love the feeling of being pampered while our nails are getting painted and shaped. It relieves our stress and makes us feel relaxed. For some girls, freshly painted claws serve as an added attraction. Others find it sexy to wear long, glittery talons while for most, […]

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