Artist Transforms Scrap Keys And Coins Into Incredibly Fascinating Artworks…You’ll Wish To Have One, Too

Art is the expression of your appreciation to the beauty of creation and what your mind tells. There is no specific rule to make art. You can use anything and make them beautiful forms of art. This is what an artist from Horsham, Victoria, Australia named Michael aka Moerkey have done with scrap keys and […]

Guy Pranks Several Drivers That They Left Their Keys On Their Car’s Door And They Ridiculously Believed It

It’s inevitable for us to be forgetful at times. We forget to turn off our television, to charge our phones, to call somebody, to attend an important meeting and everything that can be forgotten. But that doesn’t mean that we’re too occupied not to be aware of what we’re doing. YouTube pranksters ‘RossCreations’ wanted to […]

It Took Him 30 Minutes To Open This Safe and Something Inside Surprised Him… What?!!!

A safe is a thing used to securely store valuable possessions such as gemstones, precious metals, currency, marketable securities, important documents such as wills, property deeds, and birth certificates. They are usually located in banks. But this one’s hidden underneath a closet. An Imgur user has posted photos of what he had discovered in their new […]

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