This Might Be The Funniest And Weirdest Game Ever!

When talking about Japanese, well the word “weird” always define them. And when talking abut Japanese and weird, then probably their game shows are the weirdest game shows in the whole wide world, just like this one in the video below that you are about to watch. Are you familiar with the game “Pass the […]

Naruto Fans Will Be Wanting To Have This Rasengan Device – So Cool, Indeed…

Anyone of you who ever watched the famous Japanese anime, Naruto? Yes, I’m one of them. Because of its popularity, it influenced many cosplayers to be their inspiration. Naruto, the main character, has a special power called the “Rasengan” wherein he focuses his “shakra” into on energy ball in his hand. Now, a brilliant guy […]

Cool Japanese Boy Band Will Definitely Stun You With Their Moves…It’s Like They’re Stopping Time

We all have seen different and unique talents all around the world. Many we see in TV, talents shows, and in the streets. They are the ones who never stopped dreaming and just continued what they wanted and loved to do. Just like this famous Japanese boy band called World Order who’s known for their […]

Unbelievable Miniature Of People Figures In Common Things We See Everyday..You’ll Be Left In Awe

The world is surrounded by art and as humans, we are all forms of art. No wonder, we love and we make our own arts. There are different kinds of art in the world. Painting and drawings are the most common. But, there’s an amazing art called miniature art that requires a real creative and […]

These Flowers Floating In The Air Creates A Fascinating And Beautiful Scenery

Each one of us likes to have a fascinating moment with nature, if not with adorable animals, at least with beautiful plants where we can find around us. Who doesn’t want to take a chance conversing with Mother Earth through the wondrous creation? Do you also imagine yourself surrounding with the world’s beauty like being […]

Japanese People Have This Unbelievable Lining Up Queue System Whenever They Have Sports’ Events

Japan is widely known for their amazing inventions and industrious personality. They are disciplined enough when it comes to work and that makes their country improving as ever. “Discipline yourself so that others will not have to discipline you” is probably the maxim of Japanese people because whenever they have some sports events, they don’t […]

This Pikachu Army Marches To Attack The World With Their Cuteness

Are you familiar with Pokémon? I bet you do, because all over the world, people seem to love this Japanese television series that is based on Pokémon video game series which primarily casted by Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) and popular Pokémon named Pikachu. Of course, this craze was created by Japan, and now Pokémon relive their […]

Japanese Robot Can Ride And Balance A Bicycle. This Is The Future of E-Bikes.

In this modern generation, robot is dominant. Robots were being developed by a lot of countries around the world, most especially in Japan, where high technology things are made.  When Japan starts improving their technology and inventions, they never disappoint us all,  just like this robot that can do what a normal person can. In this […]

Japanese Discover How To Lift Up Things Using Sound Only.

Japan is one of the most powerful countries, not only in ASIA but in the world. With the use of their modern technology, they already proved us that technology change the world for the better. They have invented robots and some other gadgets that we already saw before. Now, they have a great discovery about […]

This Commercial May Be The Creepiest One You’ll Ever See. But If You’ll Find Out How It Works, It Will Surely Change Your Thoughts.

We all want to own a car. As such, this can really be a great help for everybody in terms of transportation purposes. If someone had it, he can really be sure that his mode of transportation will be faster and easier than those who don’t have. But what if this happen to your car? […]

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