COMPUTER: History, Facts & Information About This Device


A computer – Here is the history, facts, and necessary information about this life-changing device that you probably didn’t know. A computer is an electronic device that processes and stores data, performing a variety of tasks based on instructions provided by users or pre-programmed software. It is a versatile tool that can handle calculations, store … Read more

Want To See The Other Side Of Hitler? Check This Out…

Each passing time is already part of the history. Some parts of the history we don’t want to remember are the one’s that gave us a bad feeling to it. One of the world’s, probably, most wicked times is in the time of Adolf Hitler, the German leader of the Nazi. Most of us know … Read more

Eat Your Heart Out, Tom Cruise And Keanu Reeves, These 30 Gorgeous Man In The History Are Effortless In Making Girls Go Wild! HANDSOME!

Though God created everything perfectly and wonderfully, let’s admit the reality that there are two kinds of people living here on Earth- the beauty, and the ugly. And it’s been a reality when all of us do everything just to be beautiful and stay young. Because of the discontentment in one’s appearance, some would dare … Read more

You’ll Miss Your Whole Life Without Looking At These 50 Most Influential And Striking Photos In The History.. These Changed The World So Much.. And Will Change Yours Now!

Everything did happened for a reason, and will continuously happen for a reason. For over the years,we had experienced everything that can possibly happen here on Earth. The chaos brought by the endless war, the impossible explorations and discoveries made by man, the painful attacked brought by Mother Earth’s avenge, the tragedies of losing one’s … Read more