Easy And Gorgeous Hairstyle Ideas You Can Try At Home

Hair is one of the best assets of a woman. That’s why it should be presented in a nice way. There are hundreds of salon where you can have your hair styled. But, thanks to the internet because you don’t need to spend a lot. In this video, you will learn how to pull of […]

Here’s The Ultimate Ponytail Routine You’ve Been Waiting For – Learn It Now

Looking good is such a big deal for all us. Well, we just wanted to be presentable all the time. Girls, most of the time, are the ones who love putting makeup and be groomed all the time. One hairstyle that really never goes old is the ponytail. It is because of the ease and […]

Check These 32 Photos Of People With Hilarious And Weird Hairstyles. #22 and #30 OMG! HAHA!!!

Our hair which is said to be our “Crowning Glory” can truly add beauty in man’s physical appearance for the reason that it amazingly shapes our face to look it more attractive and presentable in the sight of other people. Meanwhile, after looking at 32 photos of these people who have different hairstyles, I can’t […]

Master Barber ‘Rob The Original’ Combines Art With Haircut. The Results? Totally Amazing…WOW!

Hair is every girl’s crowning glory – and so for boys. And if you want to have your hair cut and give it a super cool look, you should be heading to Rob the Original’s barber shop. Rob the Original is a Los Angeles-born, San Antonio-based master barber who creates modern art out of people’s […]

What Would It Be If North Korea’s Must-Have Hairdo Extends To Hollywood Celebrities? Awesome!

Days ago, a hair salon in South Ealing, Norwest London became controversial for using the picture of North Korean’s Supreme Leader Kim Jung-un to be featured in its promotional poster. This poster triggered North Korean officials to furiously act against the manager of the salon demanding that the poster be taken down. But then, Daily Mail […]

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