Will You Let Your Boyfriend Cut Your Hair? Two Women Try And They So Love The Result, Trust Me

To cut one’s hair is a big decision to make and it’s a real stressor especially when you have it first time with a hairstylist you haven’t heard of. Imagine letting someone who’s inexperienced to do it. That would be a nightmare! But what if it’s your significant other to do it? Well, that’s a […]

Master Barber ‘Rob The Original’ Combines Art With Haircut. The Results? Totally Amazing…WOW!

Hair is every girl’s crowning glory – and so for boys. And if you want to have your hair cut and give it a super cool look, you should be heading to Rob the Original’s barber shop. Rob the Original is a Los Angeles-born, San Antonio-based master barber who creates modern art out of people’s […]

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