Here Are 7 natural Ways On How To Stop Hair Loss – A Must See

It is said that the hair is the crowning glory. That’s why, many are going in beauty salons to keep their hair groomed. There are also people who are spending much money just to take care of their hair. But, did you know that there are cheap and natural ways on how to take care […]

Will You Let Your Boyfriend Cut Your Hair? Two Women Try And They So Love The Result, Trust Me

To cut one’s hair is a big decision to make and it’s a real stressor especially when you have it first time with a hairstylist you haven’t heard of. Imagine letting someone who’s inexperienced to do it. That would be a nightmare! But what if it’s your significant other to do it? Well, that’s a […]

Woman Lets Her Hair Burn For A Brilliant Reason You’d Least Expect

Hair is one of the most important body parts of a person. It defines beauty as it’s called the ‘crowning glory.’ How do you take good care of your hair? If shampooing and brushing it once a day is enough for most men, women will do everything to keep their locks stay beautiful and healthy […]

For Girls : Quick And Simple Ways of Fixing Your Hair When Running Late

We love to look beautiful and presentable every time we go outside. We don’t want other people to say something negative about how we look. So, most of us spend hours just to look good. With all due respect to women, they are, probably, spending longer time grooming than men. Women need to blow-dry their […]

Using Egg And Lemon, You Can Make Your Hair Shine And Grow Much Longer

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. There’s no wonder when most women will do anything to make their hair look fabulous. They would go to any lengths just to make sure that their hair is healthy and so they are getting treatment in the salon which is expensive and has too much chemical and […]

Turn Your Hair Into Waterfall-Look By Following This Do-It-Yourself Cute Hairstyle

Hair is the crowning glory of a person. How your hair looks will definitely change your appearance like if your hair’s messy, then probably you don’t have the time to fix or you’re not interested to. If you’re a short hair woman, then that wouldn’t be a problem. You can also style your hair using […]

‘Granny’ Hair Trend: Young Women Dye Their Hair Gray

Have you tried dyeing your hair? If you did, what is the color you chose? Sure, dyeing hair is fashionable that will make your hair have a new look, leaving your hair with that vibrant appearance. There are different kinds of colors you can choose for your hair and recently, a new dyeing formula is […]

15 Very Helpful Hair Charts For All Ladies Who Loves Their Hair So Much

Hair is the man’s crowning glory as they say since with it, one got the amazing look. For sure, without hair means something is wrong. This is a problem for women because you know, though ladies have lengthy or short hair, it is still messed up. There’s no absolute right way to fix it for […]

These 14 DIY Hair-Saving Masks Will Surely Enhance The Texture Of Your Hair

It’s really good to know that there are so many people in this world who amazingly share their incredible ideas in order to enhance their physical aspects. Since some of us are obsessed on how to make our hair look more radiant and beautiful, I’m pretty sure that these 14 DIY photos of hair-saving masks […]

These Are Worst Things People Say To Girls With Short Hair

Hairstyles are one of the greatest things that could make us look pretty and handsome in the eyes of many people, and that is the reason why some of us love changing our hairstyles every month. Are you one of the guys who love cutting your hair very shortly? Some girls would really love it, […]

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