golden buzzer

He Received The Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent – The Reason Why? UNEXPECTED!

20-year-old, Sal Valentinetti, from an Italian descent from New York who works in a pizzeria, has always been fascinated by the “old school” music of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. In fact, he chose to sing the song “May Way” to present himself at the America’s Got Talent audition. He has a very charismatic and […]

This Girl Simply Stunned Everyone In Britain’s Got Talent – Know Why

Meet Beau Dermott. The girl who just stunned the judges of Britain’s Got Talent this year. Her performance really gained immediate popularity on the Internet and on the TV. The world has seen many talents and skill that really stunned everyone. Most of these performances have been done in shows all over the world. These […]

This Dance Group May Be Ages 10 To 15 Years Old But You Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching Their Incredible Performance

Who says kids only knows play and games? It’s true but sometimes, kids can be more than their innocence and unstoppable fidgeting. They have their skills and talents too and it can only be developed when there’s a proper training. It is already been proven that young minds can do great things just like how […]

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