Unbelievable Test: Pick The Gemstone You Are Most Strongly Drawn To And It Will Reveal Your Fortune In Life

Do you believe on some predictions on your life like fortune telling based on your palm, eyes, toes and fingers? We humans sometimes believe such things because many of us have tested it and part of our historical legend and myth. Like the palmistry, sparkling gemstones also reveal some magic which can reveal everything about […]

Is This the Most Expensive Easter Egg Ever? Wow… Extravagant!

Just in time for Easter, the world’s most expensive egg owned by a mystery collector was unveiled. This incredible ornament was called the “Mirage”. It’s a unique gem that only the richest can afford. It’s too highly-priced you need to be a billionaire to shell it off. The “Mirage” diamond egg has more than 1,000 diamonds […]

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