Most Challenging And Funniest Filipino Game Ever!

Most Challenging And Funniest Filipino Game Ever!

Are you looking for a game that would make the family bond more? Well, you are in the right site! This made me laugh too hard. Indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines! In fact, I never saw and heard about this game, only to find out that this truly is challenging and really … Read more

This Might Be The Funniest And Weirdest Game Ever!

When talking about Japanese, well the word “weird” always define them. And when talking abut Japanese and weird, then probably their game shows are the weirdest game shows in the whole wide world, just like this one in the video below that you are about to watch. Are you familiar with the game “Pass the … Read more

The Most Epic And Saddest Buzzer Beater Shot Ever

When we were kids, there are a lot of activities that we really enjoyed of doing together with our friends and classmates in school. Some of us enjoyed playing some sports for kids like basketball and compete with the other teams. Are you one of the guys who enjoyed playing this kind of game during … Read more