Most Challenging And Funniest Filipino Game Ever!

Are you looking for a game that would make the family bond more? Well, you are in the right site! This made me laugh too hard. Indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines! In fact, I never saw and heard about this game, only to find out that this truly is challenging and really […]

This Might Be The Funniest And Weirdest Game Ever!

When talking about Japanese, well the word “weird” always define them. And when talking abut Japanese and weird, then probably their game shows are the weirdest game shows in the whole wide world, just like this one in the video below that you are about to watch. Are you familiar with the game “Pass the […]

Here’s Another ‘Find The Panda’ Puzzle Game You Will Love – Try It Now

Many of us have seen and played the new Internet craze called “Find the panda”. The title already tells you what to do; just find that naughty panda from a picture. Some of the pictures include those one with random people, with the metal heads, with the stormtroopers and more. Today, another “Find the Panda” […]

Another ‘Find The Panda’ Puzzle That Will Surely Blow Your Mind – How Long Did You Find The Panda?

We all have seen and become puzzled by the latest craze in Facebook and the Internet; the “Find the Panda”. The puzzle has a simple rule; find the panda. We have posted some of them before. From Snowmen, Random people to Metal heads, people are just enjoying it. Today another “Find the Panda” puzzle will […]

NBA Stars Dress Like Grandpas To Play A Cool Basketball Shooting Match Up – Just Amazing…

Age should not hinder someone from doing what he loves best. If you love sports, then do it! Basketball is really an exciting and challenging game for all age. No wonder until now, we are hooked up on this league especially the NBA. Recently, NBA stars Kyrie Irving, Baron Davis, J.B. Smoove, and Ray Allen […]

This What Happens When Mario And Luigi Does A Skate Battle In Real Life – This Is So Amazing…

In our childhood days, we once had a favorite game, right? One of the most loved and favorite game that people are just going crazy for is Super Mario by Nintendo. It is so popular in gaming consoles since 1996. Mario, the main character in red, has been accompanied by his younger twin brother Luigi, […]

Woman Unbelievably Guessed Six Questions Within Sixty Seconds In $100,000 Pyramid Game Show

Winning a certain contest to earn money is quite tricky especially when a game isn’t easy to triumph in since a lot of difficult questions are push through just like the Pyramid game show wherein players will attempt to guess a series of words or phrases based on descriptions given to them by their teammates. […]

You’ll Have So Much Fun Watching These Guys Playing Hungry Hippos Game

Every heard of the game ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’, a tabletop game made for 2-4 players and usually played by kids? Well, it’s a fun game between 4 hippos named Happy, Henry, Homer and Harry where they lengthen their necks in order to snag more marbles and those who got more marbles is the winner. Recently, […]

The Most Epic And Saddest Buzzer Beater Shot Ever

When we were kids, there are a lot of activities that we really enjoyed of doing together with our friends and classmates in school. Some of us enjoyed playing some sports for kids like basketball and compete with the other teams. Are you one of the guys who enjoyed playing this kind of game during […]

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Amazingly Solves 17 Letter Puzzle With Only One Letter

Joining in a competition or contest is easy but winning the prize is hard, especially when it’s all about the brain- answering questions and solving puzzles like what the Wheel of Fortune does. However, may all the questions hard to answer, there are people who are well, smart enough to get the clue and solve […]

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