Don’t You Know That You Can Tease Your Brains With Body Tricks? Learn Some Of Them And Have Fun…

Our brain controls our body actions, feelings, and functions. The brain is so incredible on how fast it processes data that are passing on it. Approximately, it processes about 11 trillion bits per second. But, besides that facts about the brain, it can still be teased by doing body tricks that acts like puzzles for […]

This Could Be The Most Awkward Break-Up Ever…Watching This Video Will Literally Give You Mixed Emotions…

We can’t by ourselves alone. All of us just need each other in order to live and survive here on Earth. We need to communicate and relationship with our fellow. Sometimes, this relationship goes deeper and become more intimate. This results in a next level of relationship and the two become a couple. But, like […]

The Worst Feeling Of Being The Youngest Kid In The Family

There are a lot of activities that we really enjoyed of doing when we were kids; we often wish that we could turn back the time since we were little children. What do you think is the best thing happened in your life during your childhood? Some people enjoyed their childhood years, and there are […]

This Man Thought That His Dog Is Excited To See Him. But It Did Not End Up That Way

At times, we left our pets inside our home wanting them to be safe and out of hand of other people. As such, it is some sort of selfish love. But actually, what we don’t know is that they too want to be free. They also wanted their freedom and wanted to be free to […]

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