Do You Know That Your Fear Reveals Something About Your Personality?

What are you afraid of? What scares you? What makes you cry all of a sudden? We all have something that we feared the most and if you ask mine, well, I am afraid of frogs, geckos, and clowns (yes, I know). Seeing these things scares me so much and I know you felt the […]

This Museum Made Some Clever Ads To Attract Visitors! After You See This, You’ll Grab Your Tickets! Smart!

Science contributed so much in our lives. From the very root of our hair to the last tip of our toenails, science can do explain everything. It’s more probably the reason why we rely most of our queries to the wonder of Science, and often, it’s also justifies our actions, may it be good or […]

10 Hilarious Reactions Of People Being Scared. #6 Made Me Laugh To Death!!!

Everyone gets scared sometimes… even the most valiant person. Fear is an emotion induced by a threat perceived. So how would you respond to such fear?┬áThere are various reactions people make when being frightened; some may run for their lives, scream and shout, cry out loud, panic and faint, become violent, and others may just […]

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