You Should Have Known Your Body Better

This might be the facts that you missed for so long! There are a lot more that you should have known! The human body is fascinating wherever angle you look at it. Whether about the fact that you have trillions of cells inside you, how this mystery of brain works or how fast could your […]

Here Are Facts That Will Surely Surprise You – Be The First To Know

In this world, there are just so many things that we didn’t know yet. That’s why, there are researchers and scientist who were dedicating their lives just to know something. These facts are mostly waiting to be known. For example, did you know that the Apple Computer was founded on April fool’s day? This is […]

Here’s A Cool Thing To Do With Steel Wool – Worth A Try

People on Earth are just very curious about many things in this world. That’s the reason why things have been discovered. Yes, no wonder why children were being exposed in science experiments. Even in our age, we can still do and discover new things. This is what a YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker shared on his […]

Know The Drooling Facts About Your Favorite Pizza – You’ll Surely Be Surprised By These

Food is a thing that’s very influential in every place in the world. There are different kinds of foods around the globe. One of the famous one is the pizza. Pizza existed in Italy way back 997 A.D. Since then, this food became a global phenomenon and became a favorite food to many. Did you […]

Know 10 Things That KFC Is Not Telling You About – Mind-Blown

Food is the thing that keeps us alive in this world. It’s the source of our energy. That’s why, there many food chains that rose up to cater the hungry tummies of people. One of the most popular food chains in the world is KFC or the Kentucky Fried Chicken. What made it so popular […]

Facts About Animals That You Probably Didn’t Know Yet – I’m Really Amazed By #4

In this world, there are a lot of creatures that are dwelling. On land, we can see different four-legged animals such as dogs, cats, cows, tigers, and many more. Many of them that we only know by their names, and some of their characteristics. But, did you know some of their really unique characteristics? For […]

DIY: The Moss Graffiti – Is It For Real Or Not…Let’s Find Out

With the curiosity in us, we seem to be natural fact-seekers. We love to discover new ideas. With the depreciation of the Earth due the abuse of mostly, none other than us, humans, we’re now finding ways to still “Go for Green”. In connection with that, an idea came out to make moss graffiti to […]

18 Surprising Facts That You Need To Know About Your Own Pee

A liquid by-product of the body secreted by the kidney which commonly known as “urine,” have these 18 surprising facts, yet we are not aware some of these facts. Watch this video and I assure you that you will definitely be amaze that our pee could possibly be use as part of medicinal purposes that […]

7 Reasons Why First Love Made You A Better Person

It is really nice to fall in love with someone especially when that person is feeling the same way as you do, we do a lot of great things to make our loved ones feel special. We say that we would never forget our first love; there are a lot of good memories and bad […]

These Are Worst Things People Say To Girls With Short Hair

Hairstyles are one of the greatest things that could make us look pretty and handsome in the eyes of many people, and that is the reason why some of us love changing our hairstyles every month. Are you one of the guys who love cutting your hair very shortly? Some girls would really love it, […]

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