When Karma Strikes, It Strikes The Best Way – So Hilarious

People love to do things that can really be fun. Some people will do certain things to friends like pranks. Pranks are meant to trick a person and make fun with him or her. But sometimes, pranks comes back to the prankster himself so better be careful pulling up a prank. This is what happened […]

Watch How This Guy BASE Jumps Into The Foggy Unknown

People who are doing the most insane stunts are really great to watch, the skills they perform are really outstanding because they train and practice well in order to perfect it. Are you one of the guys who love watching some epic skydiving adventure videos online? If you are, here is another crazy one you […]

The Most Epic Egg And Milk Experiment In Super Slow Motion HD

There are a lot of great science experiments that we really enjoyed of doing when we were in school; we often follow the correct steps in order for us to make it possible. Are you one of the guys who love doing your own experiments at home? What do you think is the most incredible […]

Watch How These Guys Do Some Epic Golf Tricks Shots

There are a lot of people who practice and train their skills well in order to impress their friends; they often catch our attention especially once they started showing some skills on public. Some sports minded people are really addicted in doing insane tricks in playing their game. Are you one of the guys who […]

These Guys Did The Most Epic Sandboarding Adventure Ever

There are a lot of activities that we really dreamed of doing together with our friends; we often plan great things in order for us to achieve the adventures we wanted. The most insane adventures are the ones we often watch online, we follow some instructions and hacks in order to make it possible. Are […]

The Most Epic Race Between A Motorcycle And A Rally Car

It is really nice to see a race between two different incredible vehicles; most of us are really curious which of those super vehicles will win in the end. Have you ever tried of doing any kind of race using your car and film it? If not, here is a video that will surely make […]

Man Solves 3 Rubik’s Cube With Different Sizes More Than A Minute Only.

Rubik’s cube is one of the best strategy toys invention in our history. This thing is the measurement of people’s intelligence to think a great solution in order to solve it. There are already patterns and solution how to solve it that is why, solving it is now a normal deal what is important today […]

These 30 People Saw A Statue And Made An Epic Selfie Along With It. Cleverly Fun!

‘Selfie’ these days seems like a drug- we’re addicted taking it. We’ve been in too many different places just to get the perfect angle for our insane self-portrait, not only to serve as a memoir but to gather thousands of likes and retweets from social networking sites. If some dares to find beautiful landscapes to […]

It Took Him 4 Years And 26 Countries To Propose To His Girlfriend. Did She Say Yes? Check This Out!

Just a question to all the guys out there; when can you say you’re going to marry your girl and when do you know it’s time to pop up the “big question”? Well, for Jack Hyer, he said: “Decided I wanted to marry my girlfriend after first date. Traveled to 26 countries during 4 years of […]

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