Naughty Dude Offers A Dinner To Her Mother, What Happened Next On Their Way Will Leave You Speechless

Being a parent is such a wonderful opportunity to see your child grow from day one. Parents will just do anything just to provide the needs of his children. But, children sometimes have that naughtiness that give headaches to parents. Well, it’s really a part of being a parent. A video shared by VitalyzdTv on […]

Extremely Awesome Footage Of People Flying Together With An Airplane Using Real Jetpacks – Jaw-Dropping

Even beforehand, people just wanted to experience flying in the skies just like Icarus. Thankfully, the Wright brothers have invented airplanes then a different way of travelling had been done. Airplanes have powerful engines for them to fly. But, now, one can actually fly using a jetpacks. Yes, the real ones. This is what Jetman […]

32 Photos of Dubai Will Prove You Why It Is Considered As One Of The Richest City In The World

These 32 photos below will absolutely prove you why Dubai is considered as one of the richest city in the world. The most popular city in United Arab Emirates (UAE) showcases stunning landmarks, luxurious cars and even buildings that almost reach the clouds which can be spotted in the city. If you wish to travel […]

Climate Change? It Worries Most Countries.. But Mark The Time For Dubai Will Create The World’s First Climate-Controlled City!

Climate change is a natural phenomena (though many said it’s result of man’s activities), yet it has been a very drastic matter concerning our World’s ecosystem because it is believed to bring future catastrophes. Globally, because of climate change, our Earth is beginning to transform to something we don’t even expect- temperature is rising, seasons […]

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