Watching This Dance Duo Will Simply Make Everyone Mesmerized – Must See

Wanted to express your feelings right now? How about standing up now and do some moves like you just don’t care? Dancing can be learned and sometimes, it is already printed in the genes.

This Kid Really Loves To Dance “Work” By Rihanna, Even Asleep – Watch This

Children nowadays have been inclined with different kinds of music and other media. There are many famous music that are coming out of nowhere that makes people, especially children, to dance with the music. One proof is this little girl who has been awaken after hearing the song “Work” by Rihanna. A man tried to […]

This Child Came Up The Stage, What He Did Next Will Touch Your Heart

The unpredictable actions of children towards us sometimes gives us that unexplainable emotion! This is what Coffey Anderson felt when his 17-month old son ran on stage during his performance, just to give him a loving hug! After expressing his affection, the little boy launched in a series of dance moves and enthusiastic capering on […]

This Lovely Kid Has Better Dancing Moves Than You (Video)

Children are just adorable especially when they do certain things that may seem hilarious in the eyes of the adults. They do know about being shy, most of the time. Some children just dance their moves or even sing from their hearts when they hear music. Children are just awesome and lovely! Just like this […]

The Moment These Guys Start Moving, You’ll Be Thinking To Learn Their Moves – Totally Mind-Blowing…

People just wanted to learn new things. Every person needs to move because it’s good for one’s health. A famous dance move created on the 1980s called the Robot move is now coming with a twist. Youtuber and ‘Step Up’ actor and choreographer, Madd Chadd or Chadd Smith together with his buddies perform what they […]

Multi-Talented Marines Did Something That Will Change The Way You Look At Them – Very Impressive…

Peace in the world is not certain and that is the reason why every country has “men in uniform” or law enforcers to maintain the peace and order. The Marines are one of the forces of are the ones who specialized in both land and water operation. They are trained for amphibious operations. But despite […]

Three Mannequins Posing On A Store’s Window, Now Watch What The Mannequin In Between Does

I bet you have seen a mannequin before and even today. Any store which sells any kinds of clothes have this weird-looking dummies that are dressed like people and are being flaunt on store’s windows to attract buyers. Mannequins are of different kinds- some don’t have heads and others have distorted body parts. These mannequins […]

This Dance Group May Be Ages 10 To 15 Years Old But You Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching Their Incredible Performance

Who says kids only knows play and games? It’s true but sometimes, kids can be more than their innocence and unstoppable fidgeting. They have their skills and talents too and it can only be developed when there’s a proper training. It is already been proven that young minds can do great things just like how […]

The Story Behind This Graceful Ballerina’s Second Chance In Life Is So Inspiring

Life is about ups and downs. It is game that we need to play on if we need to succeed but winning isn’t a guarantee because sometimes, we lose even if we don’t want to. That’s life- “it is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” […]

Pole Dancer’s Gravity-Defying Performance On Belgium’s Got Talent That Will Leave You Speechless

Dancing is one way to express your emotions through the rhythm of music and there are different kinds of dancing one could actually do depending on the style and the way of expressing it. Ever heard of pole dancing? Well, it’s historically associated in clubs but this time, it was warmly accepted on entertainment and […]

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