Artist Creates Amazingly Realistic Portraits In Pictures – Really Impressive

Art is everywhere in this world. All things that you can see in around you has an art on it. No wonder many people do and love art. Art can be made in different forms depending on one’s imagination and creativity. Making portraits is not an easy task. It requires great precision and skill. This […]

Artist Hilariously Completes Famous Movie Posters With Real Dogs – Such Creativity And Wittiness

Having a dog as a pet is such a wonderful experience, doesn’t it? Dog owners just love their pets because of their playfulness and their ability to learn tricks and moves. But, for a witty photographer and dog-lover, dogs are their best model. This is what a Malaysian artist named Jaemy Choong have done by […]

Artist Use Nails To Create Extremely Amazing Artworks – Pretty Impressive…

In art, one can actually use anything to make his own artwork. It all depends on the creativity and the imagination of a person. Do you know that simple nails can be used to make fantastic artwork? This is what an artist named John Bisbee have done by using nails in his sculptures. He discovered […]

Artist Turns Hard Stones To Look Like Soft Sculptures – This Is So Incredible…

Art totally depends on the creativity and the imagination of an artist. he can always use anything that he believes could be transformed into an art form. This is what an artist named José Manuel Castro López who transformed hard stones into different sculptures. The sculptures looked really soft. It’s really hard to imagine how […]

Here’s A Video To Tell You How You Can Be Creative Enough

We all wanted to achieve something within our own capabilities as human, but there are certain times when we feel so confused if we really can because we thought we can’t do better to ourselves. We believe that we lack of imagination and creativity. The lack of creativity triggers one to make mistakes, but it’s […]

These Murals Are Not Just Ordinary But Simply Idealistic Bursting With Colors! Splendid!

Creativity can be work out in many varied ways. It’s either through sculpture, literature, movie production, craft, and mostly through painting. And painting can be classified into many applications such as landscape, portrait, body, still life and mural painting. And mural painting is not that easy to work on because it is applied directly on […]

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