30 Best Gift Ideas For People Who Love To Drink Coffee, They’ll Surely Love These!

There are a lot of people who really love to drink coffee. Usually, they would love to start their day with a cup of coffee. These people have not only met the drink but fell in love with it. Do you know a coffee lover whom you wanted to give a gift this Christmas season? […]

31 Best Coffee Shops In Bangkok, #16 Is Amazing!

There is a portion of the populace who really loves coffee. There is even a condition wherein a person can’t start his day without having a cup either at the breakfast table at home or at his favorite coffee shop. Coffee also varies in several aspects – its strength, its flavor, and the environment where […]

Woman Claims She Found A Mouse In Her Favorite Coffee – The World-Known Coffee Shop Responds

When we’re stressed, many of us go to coffee shops to take a sip of our favorite blend. But, what would you feel if you found out that there’s something in your coffee will surely disgust you? This is what a woman named Jessa who claims she found a whole mouse on her Starbucks coffee. […]

Do You Know Why You’re Rushing To The Toilet After Drinking A Cup Of Coffee?

Every morning, many are looking for a cup of coffee to start the day. Coffee seem to awaken you and gives you a boost start. But, for some, did you notice that you want to go to the toilet after drinking coffee? Yeah, count me in. According to Discovery News, caffeine can have a laxative […]

Watch This Before You Drink Your Favorite Coffee…Doctor Explains

Health is wealth. Indeed, we all wanted to have good health in order to live a longer and wonderful life. Most of us do exercise every day and eat a healthy diet. Every morning, there is one drink that most of us cannot live without; a cup of coffee. Coffee is proven to have health […]

Witness The Sweet Latte Love Story All Made From The Latte Art

Adding some design to a certain thing will really make you appreciate it more and get attracted on it. When it comes to food, it’s actually the number one concern of people. Of course, you would really like it if it looks good, right? It’s like there’s really an extra ordinary effort exerted to it when […]

You’ll Love Coffee Even More As You Watch This Guy Show Off His Amazing Latte Art Techniques. A Perfect Way To Brighten Someone’s Day!

If you are a person who loves waking up to the smell of your morning cup of coffee, you will surely love it even more after watching this man showing off some really impressive latte art techniques and barista skills. In this video, barista Dritan Alsela displaying his skills in creating awesome latte artworks. His […]

Do You Love Drinking Coffee In The Morning? You Should Probably Watch This!!

Are you fun of drinking coffee anytime and anywhere you want? It is always nice to drink coffee during breakfast, but did you know that drinking too much of this is quite bad for our health? Most of us will say that it’s not, because we are already used in drinking this everyday! Most of […]

How Many Coffee Per Day Can You Drink? This Will Tell You To Drink More Coffee!

There are drinks and foods that are bad for our health once it is abused, can you name one? Some people says that it is really nice once you are doing what it is not good, just like doing what is not good for your health. When we were kids, our parents warned and told […]

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