Christmas gift

This Guy Surprises His Family With A Trip To China

We all love being surprised by our love ones, it is really nice to experience this because we never expected that they’ve do some special things to make us happy. Are you a kind of person who loves surprising your family and friends? What do you think is the best surprise you’ve ever given to […]

His Son Wanted A Hippopotamus For Christmas So He Gave It

We all want to receive something special on Christmas, a gift for instance. Somehow, we know that it’s just the only time of the year when we can wish and expect for that something that we really want to be ours. Are you like that that too? But then, it doesn’t mean that you can […]

#WorstChristmasPresent Twitter Users Received This Holidays

Receiving gifts at holiday season is no ordinary. Ever since we celebrate the season of love, giving and receiving can’t be missed. Of course, you wouldn’t want to receive something unpleasant, but it’s not inevitable for someone to give you something which they thought you like. Twitter account TheLADbible took the opportunity for users to […]

This 3-Year-Old Little Girl Did The Sweetest Gesture When She Found Santa Claus Eating All Alone.

Christmas is the most awaited event anywhere in the world. We all anticipates it for it mainly signifies the birth of our Loving Creator and just the presence of lights, bells ringing and children’s’ caroling makes the spirit of Christmas more lively and beautiful. Furthermore, Christmas won’t be complete without the persons who bring such […]

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