OMG: This Boy Just Got Some Unbelievable Math Solving Skills – Must See

Children, at a young age are being thought lessons at school. These lessons are all for the betterment of the child. Some children can learn things instantly, while there others are a bit, slower.

This Kid Really Loves To Dance “Work” By Rihanna, Even Asleep – Watch This

Children nowadays have been inclined with different kinds of music and other media. There are many famous music that are coming out of nowhere that makes people, especially children, to dance with the music. One proof is this little girl who has been awaken after hearing the song “Work” by Rihanna. A man tried to […]

Easy Science Experiments You Can Try At Home – Amazing

People just have that curiosity in so many things. That’s why, there are scientists and researchers there. These people just wanted to learn and know something new. They do experiments and testing that is really enjoyable. In school, there are science experiments often enjoyed by children. Now, did you know that you can do certain […]

This Lovely Kid Has Better Dancing Moves Than You (Video)

Children are just adorable especially when they do certain things that may seem hilarious in the eyes of the adults. They do know about being shy, most of the time. Some children just dance their moves or even sing from their hearts when they hear music. Children are just awesome and lovely! Just like this […]

This Could Be The Most Epic Kite You Would Fly – Unbelievable

During windy season, there is one thing that really makes children and even those young at heart enjoy. Flying kites. No matter what age, there is still a certain contentment and joy when you fly a kite, isn’t it? Kites come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. But how about flying a really epic […]

Cute Boy Adorably Reacts When He Thought He Can’t Say Letter ‘W’ – This Is Just Lovely

Children, in their young, are thought about many basic things. They are being thought about colors, letters and the parts of their body. If you’re looking for something to make your day, see them as they learn. It’ll surely give you a smile! This is what a little boy in the video shared by YouTuber […]

Children Swapping Faces With Dolls Looks Totally Undesirable – You Need To See This

Children just love playing toys. If there’s one toy that girls really love playing are dolls. They beautify, dress, and groom them everytime. But some seemed to be afraid of the dolls’ faces. How about swapping your child’s face with a doll? Yes, it can now be done in apps in smartphones. You’ll probably seeing […]

Sisters Borrow Phone From Mom And Does This Adorable Video – Just Lovely

Technology has been affecting the lives of people. And even children today have been into technology. Even young ones know how to operate these gadgets. That’s why, they can do things that will sometimes surprise people. Just like these sisters who borrowed the iPad of their mother at home. The 5-year-old one asked the help […]

Guy Creates A Doraemon Episode Using Just Three Styrofoam Cups – Really Impressive

All of us have enjoyed watching cartoons and anime’ before. And even today, we still loved them, right? Among the most entertaining anime’ is the Japanese all-time famous Doraemon. It came from a manga series written by Fujiko Fujio. Well, most people really know who this blue cat alien is. And his overloaded pouch. Recently, […]

Here’s A Cool Thing To Do With Steel Wool – Worth A Try

People on Earth are just very curious about many things in this world. That’s the reason why things have been discovered. Yes, no wonder why children were being exposed in science experiments. Even in our age, we can still do and discover new things. This is what a YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker shared on his […]

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