Look: A Black Chicken Lays Black Eggs!

Look: A black chicken that lays black eggs! This amazing video testifies that a black chicken might lay black eggs! they call it, Ayam Cemani. The chicken’s color is not only outer but almost everything including insides. Even their blood, though not colored is dark. There are also beliefs that the meat of this chicken […]

A Chick Eating A Chick’s Mole? Huh? Watch The Video To Know What It Really Is…

Curiosity is the driving force of many discoverers we know. They want to know how, why, and what is happening in a certain phenomenon. We as human beings are natural of being curious. We learn from something once they are tested. How about animals? Yes, they are also curious like us. This develops their instinct […]

How To Make Your Delicious Pizza Without Dough – This Is Simply Incredible

Food maybe is one of the most things in this world that we really love. People created different types of food, according to their respective cultures, tradition, and places in the world. Pizza is a well-known delicacy from Italy. Pizza did become a favorite for most of us. It’s common base is the dough made […]

This Woman Will Show You On How To Make The Best Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken

It’s really good to know that through the largest social sharing site, YouTube, people could incredibly share their amazing ideas to help inspire others. Watch this mouthwatering video and I assure you that this will absolutely inspire you to make your own “Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken.” If you want to serve the best food for […]

Have You Hugged Your Chicken Lately? This Boy Just Did And The Chicken Sweetly Hugged Back.

Who was the last person you just hugged? Is it your parents? Your friends? Classmates? Your significant other? Or your beloved pet? If you hugged one of these people I just mentioned, they’re fortunate and like you, someone just hugged somebody who seldom receives affection from us humans-the chicken. A boy decided to hug his […]

These Hens Are The Most Awesome Animal Piano Players Ever.

Animals are really funny and entertaining once they’re doing something special that we never expected. Are you one of the people who love adopting awesome animals at home? If you are, here is a cool and awesome video that will surely surprise you because of what these hens did. Some pet owners who loves music […]

Believe It Or Not, But This Goat Actually Had A Voice Similar To A Chicken

Humans and even animals will always have that possibility to have a different voice than what it supposed to be. For humans for instance, they will have that round and guy like voice when in fact they are actually girl and vice versa. This time, it will be about a goat who sounds like a […]

Do You Want Healthy Hairs? Well, You Should Try Eating These!

Does your hair seems to be your problem always? Do you want it to change? Well, there’s actually some food that can make you attain healthy hairs. Try This. 1. Camote (Sweet Potatoes) Sweet potatoes chocks full of beta carotene that turns into Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A produces and maintains oil that keep […]

Adorable Pets Do Funny Things But These are Even Crazier. Can’t Believe What I Just Saw!

The way we treat animals is often based on how intelligent we perceive them to be. Domesticated pets are complex creatures. Most people consider their pets as part of the family, and it turns out that those we choose to share our homes with resemble us in more ways than you could ever imagine. There are so […]

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