Guy Creates A Doraemon Episode Using Just Three Styrofoam Cups – Really Impressive

All of us have enjoyed watching cartoons and anime’ before. And even today, we still loved them, right? Among the most entertaining anime’ is the Japanese all-time famous Doraemon. It came from a manga series written by Fujiko Fujio. Well, most people really know who this blue cat alien is. And his overloaded pouch. Recently, […]

Real Life ‘Tom and Jerry’ Caught On Cam In Russia – Hilarious As Usual…

During our childhood days, we used to watch hilarious cartoons on TV. One of the greatest is the cartoon, “Tom and Jerry” by Hanna-Barbera. The story of this cartoon is about Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse wherein Tom does everything just to catch Jerry. Sometimes, they become friends but, Tom can’t still catch […]

Cartoon Characters You Didn’t Know Were Voiced By Celebs

We really enjoy watching some cartoon TV series when we were kids, this give us enjoyment especially when our favorite cartoon superhero does his special move. The people behind these TV show are really brilliant in creating this kind of series that every kid will love. The important guys who made these show for children […]

“Live Spectacle Naruto” : Naruto Live-Action Best Cast Pictures

We all love watching 2D cartoon animated TV series when we were kids, we often dream that our favorite cartoon characters would be present in real life. Are you one of the guys who love seeing and watching Anime TV series? What do you think is the greatest one that you really enjoy of watching? […]

These 27 People Amazingly Looks Like Famous Cartoon Characters

Imagination can take us everywhere. It has the perfect concept of creation which is far different from what we can see before our eyes. Through imagination, things and mysteries which haven’t yet been solved are given a little importance. We create things and instances are just on reach like what cartoon characters are. They’re just […]

“I Walk The Streets And Cartoon-Bomb My Surroundings To Make People Smile.”

All people are equipped with skills to develop, but not all are given the opportunity to enhance it. Almost anyone of us can draw, and through thorough practice, it can boost up. Instagrammer took his opportunity in drawing to create a lively day in the street of Amsterdam, Netherlands. “I started creating Cartoon Bombings during […]

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